LH Credit Opportunities is a UK based investment company that
aims at supporting the growth of companies, by providing funds
and strategic advice to entrepreneurs working on disruptive

What we do

At LH we seek for the most promising startups and technology
companies, investing primarily in equity and debt instruments of
private companies, expected to generate strong growth over the medium term.
We choose companies according to strict criteria such as
proprietary and protected technologies, innovative business
models and top-notch teams.
We mainly invest in:

High tech companies that engage mainly in digital activities and innovative business models.

Companies whose business model is heavily reliant on technology and innovative digital solutions.

Companies that aim to reduce climate change and human impact on the environment.

How we do

We differentiate our investments on two main stages:

Emerging phase or market launch, mainly in the form of equity  seed funding

Expansion phase, when the company needs funds to finance its exponential growth

We identify for the most promising private companies with high development potential and leverage the experience and competences of our directors, also employing industry experts for technical needs.

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